AGM and COVID-19

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the United Kingdom Government’s (the “Government“) measures to restrict travel and public gatherings currently in force, including the prohibition on public gatherings of more than two people, please note that it will not be possible to hold the Company’s 2020 Annual General Meeting in its usual format and that, in particular, physical attendance in person by shareholders of the Company will not be possible.

The Board recognises that the AGM represents an opportunity to engage with members, and provides a forum that enables members to ask questions of, and speak directly with, the Board. However, in light of the Government’s measures, the AGM this year will be run as a closed meeting. Regrettably therefore, it will not be possible for shareholders to attend the AGM being held on 3 June 2020 and the Company will be unable to allow entry to anyone seeking to attend the AGM in person. Our advisers and guests have also been instructed not to attend.

Shareholders are therefore strongly encouraged to vote by proxy. The Company will convene the AGM with the minimum necessary quorum of two shareholders (which the Company will facilitate) and will include all valid proxy votes in its polls at the AGM. The format of the meeting will be purely functional and will comprise only the formal votes.

After the AGM, the Company will present an audio AGM corporate presentation, together with a Q&A section that will answer a selection of questions received from shareholders.  This will be uploaded to our website.  Shareholders are encouraged to submit question to the company via email at the following address:

Securities In Issue

Percentage of securities not in public hands:


Number of shares in issue:

21,829,227 (with a nominal value of 1p each)

Last updated:

7 April 2020

Significant Shareholders

Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Mgt12.78%
Halifax Share Dealing7.80%
Interactive Investor6.51%
A J Bell Securities5.09%
Ronald Lansdell4.64%
Legal & General Investment Mgt4.55%
Barclays Wealth Management4.11%
Share Centre Investment Management3.61%
SVM Asset Mgt0.0335
Janus Henderson Investors3.21%

Any person with a holding of 3% or more in any class of AIM security (excluding treasury shares)