Jersey Oil and Gas is a London listed UK E&P Company focused on building its position in the UK North Sea.

Jersey Oil and Gas has built a significant asset base in the UK North Sea by leveraging the management team’s worldwide oil and gas experience and our strong financial position. In the past three years we have increased our discovered oil resources by over 40 fold and are now operating a major new area development in the heart of the Central North Sea called the Greater Buchan Area.

Formed in March 2014, Jersey Oil and Gas has grown significantly since inception following the drilling of the Verbier discovery in 2017 and recently through the 2019 award of licences in the Greater Buchan Area to JOG.  The Company’s licenced acreage is estimated to have 190 million barrels of discovered and recoverable oil volumes net to JOG and significant additional exploration opportunities.

The Team continues to actively pursue a UK North Sea growth strategy, aiming to deliver strong shareholder returns through:

  • Exploration success and growth in resource ownership, creating value through successful project development
  • The acquisition of strategic assets on commercially attractive terms
  • Cost-effective operations – benefiting from optimised operating models, low overheads and management costs
  • The current, stable UK Tax Environment – headline tax at 40% and no PRT
  • Low Financing Costs – Access to attractive funding solutions that can deliver attractive leveraged yields that are risk managed

Experienced management team

Jersey Oil and Gas is run by a management team of substance with over 100 years of combined experience operating, exploring and acquiring assets in the UK North Sea. See our team here.

Proven ability to explore

In addition to a wealth of UK North Sea exploration successes with former companies, Jersey Oil and Gas’s management team was responsible for the initial exploration of the P2170 licence and has seen the licence through initial exploration success with the Verbier oil discovery.  Our recent awards in the 31st Supplementary Licensing round has added valuable exploration prospects to our existing asset base.


Jersey Oil and Gas’s management team was responsible for the successful awards in the 31st Supplementary Licensing Round which provides JOG with the opportunity to become a new Area Hub development operator with the Greater Buchan Area development. This is a transformational step for the company in its journey to becoming a significant E&P company.

Number of years combined UK North Sea experience of the management team