Licence: P2170 Blocks 20/5b & 21/1d
Area: North Sea

Partners Current working interest levels %
Equnior (Operator) 70.0
JOG 18.0
CIECO 12.0

Blocks 20/5b and 21/1d were awarded as a Traditional Licence in the 28th Licencing Round. The blocks lie approximately 100km northeast of Aberdeen, close to the Buchan and Tweedsmuir North and South oilfields and straddle the western end of the North Buchan Trough.

On licence award Trap Oil Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Jersey Oil and Gas plc (“JOG”) was Operator with a 60 per cent. working interest of which 10.0 per cent. is carried. A Drill-or-drop election was required by 30th November 2016.



Licence: P1293 Block 14/18b
Area: North Sea

Partners Current working interest levels %
Ithaca (Operator) 22.5
Dyas 17.5
Parkmead 30.0
Spike 15.0
*Trap Oil Ltd (JOG) 15.0
*Trap Oil Ltd (JOG) has no economic interest in the field

Block 14/18b is located in the North West Witch Ground Graben in the Moray Firth and contains the Athena oil field.

On 21st December 2012 Trapoil completed the acquisition of a 15 per cent. working interest in Athena from Dyas UK Limited.